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CO2 land mine. Answered

I have a great idea for a paint mine. If anybody has suggestions please tell me. Its my first.
The reason I need help with this is because I have people Sneaking up in my tree fort
at night and either want to shoot them with a BB (preferred) or soak them in paint.
I like both. But I just want some suggestions on this. I am including the mine sketchup
file in this post along with a pic.

Thanks, Mike



7 years ago

ive played with one by major paintball called the M12 landmine. Its tripwire activated and uses a balloon for a loud bang. We used baby powder for smoke but thin paint would probably work too.


7 years ago

The design that you have has one fatal flaw. There's nothing keeping that pierced cartridge from flying out like a rocket! Anyway, it just so happens that I've made one of these before, out of PVC fittings. It is based off of this instructable by kaptaink_cg. They cost $10-$20 in parts, and take about 15 minutes to put together(plus time for sealant to cure).

Hope this helps! Be sure to post pictures if you make one.


Reply 7 years ago

+1 to flaw

Also, all your paint will go straight up.

You need to drill the holes at an angle so that the spray will have a greater "blast" radius.

Your design could be modified to fire BBs as well - Make the top 2/3 of the block labelled "paint container" solid, and the bottom third an empty cavity.

Drill into the block, through to the cavity (again, at various angles) with a drill-bit a fraction larger than a BB.

From inside the cavity, fix a section of wire across the inside end of the holes.

You can then fill the holes with BBs, and the wire stops them falling into the cavity.

When it goes off, all the BBs get blown out of the holes. The more holes you drill, the greater the spread of BBs, and the lower the chance that an accidental victim will receive a permanent injury (because they will be launched at a lower speed).