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HI, I'm looking for cool science things to make EG: wind turbine that produces electricity.


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13 years ago

I have a windmill in my garden, it's a bit bent due to an altercation with the ground but I was going to straighten it out and put a little motor and light circuit on it to make a nice garden light powered by wind... Ermmm, jet engine maybe, the pen one's more like a deomonstration but I've got a full working pulse jet in the works and some other stuff... A candle powered boat, either kitemans version that uses a special sali to direct the convection current from the candle or a put-put boat which is a very simple jet principle boat. Plenty of LEDs and the like about the place, loads of interesting projects like that. There's alot of stuff around, try having a good look through all the stuff and searching things you're interested in.