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Cable Ties Answered

At present, I live in a flat

I need to connect the indoor tv aerial in the kitchen to a set in the bedroom. This involves leading the cable around doors and possibly across the ceiling, to get to the opposing wall.

Under normal circumstance, I could use cable ties with pins, but making holes is not allowed in the flat.

I have been told that adhesive cable ties must help, but they appear very difficult to remove, and might leave stains.

Any suggestions


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4 years ago

IMHO the better option is to use tiny cable channeles that you can glue or screw on the skirting boards at floor level.
In most cases you can even hide the cable by pushing it into the corner where the carpet hits the wall.
For aournd the doors you can try these "re-usable" or removable double sided tape strips used for kitchen hooks, although I found using hotglue much easier.
Hotglue sticks quite well and if cooled with an icecube it breaks off without marks- proper paint on the surface assuming here....


Reply 4 years ago

agreed re: floor level.

Hot glue may pull up paint.

Try safety pins into the carpet