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Call for Participation: 3lectromode - DIY Wearables Answered

3lectromode is looking for designers/programmers interested in doing an
internship to co-develop future D-I-Y projects. In particular, we are looking
for fashion designers skilled in pattern making with an interest in textile
design and programmers interested in further developing the Arduino
platform for wearables. Respond before May 1 w/ cv & portfolio.

Founded and directed by designer-artist Valérie Lamontagne,
3lectromode holds the vision of innovating in the field of wearables by
combining technology with customizable prêt-â-porter fashion. We aim to
inspire a future where wearables are democratized, aestheticized, and

We are a small design group interested in developing accessible
wearables which combine D-I-Y technology with current fashion research.
We are fascinated with the potential for technology to create new
modalities of interaction between the body and its environment, and are
interested in the performative potential of technology.
Key to our design ethos is a to create a library of open sourced tools
which can be used easily by anyone.

We develop wearables which we hope will be meaningful to the wearers
by enriching everyday experiences with an awareness of both ourselves
and the world around us. We see our work as creating a further
connection between humans and the world at large of machines,
information patterns, environmental data, and organic material.
Associate designer at 3lectromode is Magalie Coulombe-Noël, a
trained fashion designer and technologist. Fellow collaborators include:
Elio Bidinost, physical computing expert; Claudine Lamothe, web
programmer and technologist.
3lectromode was founded in 2010 and is located in Montréal, Canada.

Contact: valerie@3lectromode.com
3lectromode: democratized, aestheticized, performative wearables. 


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