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Call for Projects for the workshop Interactivos?’12 Ljubljana. Obsolete Technologies of the Future Answered

Ljudmila, Digital Medialab of Ljubjliana, in collaboration with SGMK of Zurich and Medialab-Prado are seeking for proposals for an upcoming workshops in collaborative prototyping which will be hold in Ljubljana (September 5 - 15, 2012) with the participation of advisors, technical assistants.

Deadline: June 8, 2012
Call for Collaborators: starting July 2, 2012
Project development (workshop): September 5- 15, 2012
Suggested areas of focus include:

    *     Projects that suggest different usages of existing urban technological infrastructures
    *     Rethinking outdated technologies and recycling the computer and IT wasteland.
    *     Projects which allow people to interact with technology to provoke new ways of perceiving the surrounding, the self, the visual, the material, and stimulate aesthetic experience.
    *     Particular attention will be paid to projects which promote open source communities, collaborative work and collective modes of behavior.
    *     Playing with data - submissions for works, which connect data forms and physically embody data streams, bridging ‘on’ and ‘off’ line worlds.
    *     Products and services that provide sustainable solutions for our needs, including the use of open data, data mash ups and remixes.

We are seeking proposals for:

    *     Installations (interactive, responsive, generative)
    *     Performances (participatory, gesticular, dance)
    *     Visualisations (moving images, generative, projections, holograms)
    *     Free Software (FLOSS) / Open Hardware / Open Design / Services / Start-ups / Apps / Devices

The open call is aimed at designers, artists, engineers, coders, sociologists, architects, city planners, teachers, programmers, psychologists, journalists, environmentalists... or to any other person interested in the theme of the workshop.

Complete information and guidelines:

Advisors: Luka Frelih, Ida Hirsenfelder, Chris Sugrue and Yago Torroja.
Activity within the framework of Studiolab European project:


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