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Call of Duty 4 Help Answered

Just a quick question, how do people get on top of shipping containers in Call of Duty 4? In Wet Work? I was playing Team Deathmatch online(PS3) and I occasionally see people up there(not oldschool mode). I was on Cage Match once and my opponent was on top of one... Can't seem to figure out how to get there... Also, has anyone noticed that sometimes during normal, non-oldschool games, that some people can jump really high? Just jumping around to avoid getting shot? I've saw this, and I'm pretty sure that its not just normal jumping... I googled these a second ago and I couldn't find anything...any ideas?




10 years ago

ok... you know when you spawn? well there are those building like structures with stairs on either sides... (were nooby snipers... well, snipe) that is practicly your first goal to reach at the beginning of the match... go up those stairs and ruch to either side railing that is closest to a stack of higher level crates... then jump on the railing... run and then jump right at the end of the rail towards the stack to cradle atop of your enemies... then go prone at a spot to where absolutely nobody can see you, even your team mates... they'll end up trying to attract attention to you... hopefully that helps you pick off some kills and perhaps save your mates life.. gamertag~sorgenskaamer

John Smithblind_guardian

Reply 10 years ago

thanks man. my problem before was not turning sideways on the railing so that it DIDNT say "press X to jump" or whatever. my friend showed me how the day i posted this, either way thanks though!