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Call of Duty: Custom Classes. Answered

Post your Call of Duty Custom Classes below for everyone to see. Post anything from Black Ops Machine guns or World at War Assault Rifles. 

I'll show you an example with one of my classes.


Game:                   Black Ops
Primary:                Submachine Gun
Weapon:               Ak74u w/ grip and rapid fire.
Secondary:           CZ75 w/ extended mag.
Lethal/Tactical:     Frag and Nova Gas.
Equipment:            Claymore.  
Perk 1:                    Scavenger Pro.
Perk 2:                    Warlord Pro.                
Perk 3:                    Marathon. 

Just Have Fun With it.


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8 years ago

try the mp5k with rapid fire and a cz75 ext.mags and a tomahawk and concussion with a claymore. For perks try scavenger pro, sleight of hand pro, and hacker pro. usually doesnt fail me =)


Reply 8 years ago

Sounds like a nice class. Could be good for the players prestiging being that the Mp5k is one of the first guns you unlock although you would have to use a different secondary. I am currently on 3rd prestige and I find it hard to find a decent class in the first couple of levels. I'll probably be using this in the future prestiges. If you have anymore feel free to share!