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Camera Battery hack : Need some Battery expert advise Answered

Hi All,

I have a Underwater camera (which is now going to become the backup) However the battery is only 710 mAh. This works out to 20 mins of video or about 2 dives of photos.

Original battery : http://www.adorama.com/SSNP40.html
Battery  Lithium-ion
Charge Time  1.5 to 2 hours
Output Voltage  3.7v
Capacity  710 mAh

But as the battery is so small and useless, i want to open the camera and soldier 3 wires to the battery connectors and add a 3 pin connector.

As course there is space within the house to place a new battery, IF the right size and shape can be found.

However, i dont understand batteries... Is it safe to add a bigger capacity batter as long as the output stays the same(volts... as i cant find the Amp output)
I found this battery, looks like it might fit in the house


But i am just not sure if this will work???

Any ideas, tip or advise welcome.



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