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Camera not turning on, how can I find the problem? Answered

A friend of mine dropped her Nikon Coolpix point and shoot, which broke caused a lens error. She handed me a ziplock bag with it disassembled and half the screws stripped and asked me to fix it, since her warranty ran out. I found and fixed what was causing the lens error, but the camera won't turn on. I didn't think to check if it powered up before I started, but I'd like to fix it if at all possible.

I didn't do anything that would obviously cause this problem - I used an anti-static strap, was careful with the parts I took out, and all my work was on the lens part of the camera. The battery is charged - I have the same camera and it works in mine. I tried plugging it into a computer, no luck. What might be some possible causes, and how can I test for them? 


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10 years ago

I will tell you what i did with my wifes camera that i sat on and i broke the LCD display. I looked on ebay and found someone that had 2 or 3 BROKEN cameras EXACTLY like my camera except his cameras had other problems. I was able to buy them for $15.00 total cost. When i received them i was able to repair my wifes camera which just needed the display replaced. I fiddled around with the other 2 and got one working by just messing with it. So, you may be able to find a broken one on ebay that works but it needs a new lens. Few people will bid on broken cameras so you can buy them for almost nothing. Of course, you ARE taking the risk that you will end up not fixing anything and wasted some bucks.... Or... you could sell YOUR broken camera and apply the few dollars you get towards a new one. Maybe her old broken camera will help someone elso fix theirs!