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Can 2 (or more) 'Wallwart' AC Adapters be used as a battery eliminator for a Laptop? Answered

Right, my sister's laptop has suffered the classic 'dropped on its power socket' syndrome...

Now, I know there are Instructables on how to repair/replace it, but I can't find anything that'll handle the DC 19V 3.42A the adapter gives out - and I can't match the numbers printed on the socket to anything on RadioShack, to get an exact replacement.

So, my sister is left using only battery power (which I charge in my same-make laptop) which rarely lasts 1 1/4 hours.

Anyway, down to the nitty-gritty: The battery gives out 10.8V, 4500mAh, I saw pir8p3t3's 'Reuse "Wallwart" Adapters' 'Ible, realised I have quite a few mobile (cell) phone chargers - and got to thinking...

Now, I know that a straightforward parallel connection (would that be safe, anyway?) would require some way of stepping-down their combined output voltage, but would there be any safe way of reaching (let alone exceeding) that 4500mAh?

Or am I just barking up a too-dangerous tree?

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.



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Best Answer 10 years ago

Not only is it dangerous, your theory is wrong. A parallel connection will give you more amps, but not more volts. So unless you are using multiple 10.8v power adapters, you are not going to get the desired result. Also you run the risk of doing damage to the battery charging board, which is sometimes a part of the motherboard. Instead, I would try to find the charger that is the closest to 19v as you can get. If it goes to 17v or 21v you will be fine. Plug that in to the charging port on the laptop. Laptops are designed to properly handle the wrong power adapters plugged into them (since it can be easy to confuse), but they are not designed to have something other than a battery connected to the battery terminals.


10 years ago

You're barking up the wrong tree. Look up the laptop on one of the dozens of spares websites, and buy the new connector.