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Can Anyone help me? I want to design my own Knex Gun? can any one Help me by telling me where i should start!?? Answered

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DJ Radio
DJ Radio

Best Answer 11 years ago

First of all, think of what you want in your gun.  Do you want removable mags?  Bolt action?  Slingshots?  A turret?  A sear system? What kind of ammo do you want to use?  Do you want to make a pistol or a rifle?  Do you want a true trigger or a sear system?

Second, consider how many knex parts you have.  The more knex you have, the more options you have as well.   Black rods are key if you want your gun to work well.

Third, once you decide what you want to have in your knex gun.  Don't worry about making innovative features right now at a beginner level. 

Fourth, think of a design that can hold all these features.  However, keep in mind that some of those features that you want may have to be removed for the sake of function

Fifth, once you know where you are going with your design, check around on ibles and KI to make sure your design hasn't already been done before.  I made the mistake of not checking ALL the sites once, and what I thought was a new removable mag design was already done, and I got a hell of a flame.

Sixth, Note your essentials.  True triggers are necessary, if it is a single shot or true bolt action, a bullet lock is crucial.  

Seventh, once you complete your design, TUNE YOUR GUN.  There may be lots of flaws in your gun upon completion, and you have to fix them if you want others to like them.  Some fixes for problems may dawn on you after you post a preview of a gun you want to make.  

Eigth, listen to the community's reaction before posting a gun.  However, sometimes a community's reaction on a forum topic may be different than when you first post your gun.  This was true on my first knex gun.  Everyone said they liked it on the topic, but when I got around to posting, People said they hated it.  I eventually took the gun down a few months back (after giving everyone who gave me hate comments the middle finger of course).


8 years ago

just start with the maginism and make a gun what you like. if its simple doesnt matter!. just start smal. en later you know what you want and how you gonna make it, it wil be no problem for you. just start to build and see what happends!

mayby it sucks maby not.
BUT one important thing is.. if its suck dont give up

inspiration is evry were!


11 years ago

I agree with DJ radio.
Building other peoples guns are a good way to start as it gives you ideas and understanding on how a knex gun works. When have enough ideas and knowledge, you can start designing.