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Can Arduino create or modify .txt files on PC? Answered

I need a snippet of code that will allow my arduino script to create or modify a .txt file for another application to access said .txt file. Alternately, is it possible for the Arduino to simulate a keypress on the computer?



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Best Answer 11 years ago

There is another application in the arduino toolset - processing. It's a java app that you can code programs on the computer end that interacts well with arduino 'somewhat easily', and especially free. Otherwise, you can code your own application in any language that supports using a serial port (wired or bluetooth). For the arduino to simulate keypresses on the computer it can do a few things: Emulate a PS/2 keyboard on digital pins - I'm not familiar with any code that does this, but I'm sure its remotely possible. or you can have a program that simulates keypresses based on serial port input. THAT said - most functions of this sort can be done without the arduino..