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Can I add my Autodesk Screencast just like an Youtube video? Answered

I create projects on software and document them on Instructables. But it's always better if I can make a recording of what I did, no matter how many screenshots I add. I use Autodesk Screencast for recording my desktop screen, but I can only add them as links which will take you to a different webpage. In simple words, they are not added like Youtube videos. 

Is it possible to add Screencasts like I add as Youtube videos?


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3 years ago

I haven't tried it, but this is what their site saye:

Can I embed a Screencast on my own webpage?

Yes! When viewing a public or unlisted Screencast, there is an embed button. You will get a snippet of html code that you can paste into your own website. This will embed the Screencast, and viewers will be able to play the Screencast directly from your page, or follow a link to view it on the Screencast website.