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Can I build headphones out of drivers??? Answered

ok... my plan is to use jackhammer noise blockers (im pretty sure we've all seen the mod) and 'install' 1 inch tang band drivers.
my concerns:
1. will it be too loud
I am the kind of person who prefers to not have throbbing ears when I am done listening
2. how can I power the drivers.
these are headphones, so I need a portable source of power. I am new to speakers, and I dont know what type of power the drivers use. So, what I am asking is what type of battery do I need to use.
3. how do I set up stereo sound w/ 2 speakers in a headphone jack. there are instructions for how to connect a single speaker to a jack, but I am going to be using 2
4. any ideas on how to make it look cooler, paint ideas (spray paint only, no airbrush), where/how to put a battery container in the system, and how to make that look good.


any constructive comments welcome, but, please dont just say its impossible, unless you are absolutely postive it isnt



9 years ago

Headphone outputs don't have a lot of power. As long as it has a close enough impedance to that of the headphone output (I think it's around 16 ohm) you should be alright.


10 years ago

thanks nacho... ill try to find some diferent drivers


10 years ago

. If you get the volume level down to where you won't blow your ears out, you will be outside the range where the driver operates linearly. You will lose most of your bass. You need to use small drivers (somewhere around 1/8-1/4" or less) designed for low power.
. The FiiO amp will power the drivers directly (although not very efficiently in this case). Notice that the drivers are rated for 15W and the amp puts out 70 mW. The drivers probably aren't going to be very efficient or accurate at that level.
. Use a stereo jack/plug.
. A 220 Ohm resistor should work well enough for impedance matching. You'd be much better off finding a driver designed for this application.


10 years ago

note: i found that i could use an amp to power it, but my friend said i would need a resistor to convert the ohms, b/c the amp is for 32/300, and the speakers use 8ohms... what type of resistor would i need

amp link: