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Can I charge a 6v SLA battery with a small voltage-regulation circuit based on the LM350 and a 12v SLA? Answered

I know that Lead Acids are pretty tough cookies in the battery world as far as over-voltage and charging goes, but since I lack an electronic engineering education, I would like to make sure I don't blow H2SO4 everywhere.  I would be monitoring the charging to see when the current drops to the low mA's, and would not have the battery on a constant trickle charge for very long. 

I just need the cheapest way possible to charge the battery  >.<  any other recommendations would be appreciated!

I had been borrowing a bench supply, but had to return it and now have nothing.  *forever alone*


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9 years ago

I was going to use it as the source so I didn't have to deal with filter caps; lazy, but simple.