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Can I clip the leads off of the back of my Arduino Uno? Answered

I don't have enough money to buy or make a specialized case, so I was wondering whether I could clip the leads off of my Arduino Uno for a smoother back surface, or should I take a piece of scrapwood and mount it on that?



Best Answer 8 years ago


After I posted to re-design;

What leads? The leftover legs on the bottom side of the board? those are fine to clip - just don't damage the board or the traces, and ground yourself and your clipper before getting close to electrical connections. If you're chopping a pile of solder off as well as the leads, beware this may damage the board and traces.


8 years ago

Don't clip the leads. As soon as you do then you'll find some project where you need the leads. It always happens that way.


Answer 8 years ago


particularly for prototyping systems, unless *author* is willing to buy a new duino for the next project...

It won't HURT the arduino, but it really limits options.

Worst case scenario- Desolder them. Then attach wires where needed -- better if it's a permanent project anyway, and if you need the board back to prototype mode its just a few solder joints.