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Can I combine 2 computers into one? Answered

I have 2 computers:
256RAM                       256RAM
40Gb hard disk          20Gb hard disk
1.3GHz processor     1.3GHz processor

Can I somehow connect the 2 of them into a better one?
I know I can take the RAM and the hard disk from one and attach them to the other computer,but I want to connect the 2 processors together . Can I do that?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Not easily. Distributing a program across multiple processors requires that the program be written specifically to divide up that way. And ideally you want an operating environment, and hardware, specifically designed for that purpose so communication between the processors goes very quickly BUT controllably (to remove the risk of reading data before it has been completely written or vice versa).

The concept's valid, and is essentially how some of today's biggest supercomputers work. But it isn't something you can just plug in and have happen with your existing programs.

If you're serious about experimenting with this, websearch for "Beowulf Cluster".


Answer 9 years ago

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