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'Can I connect 2 TPA3118 60w Mono Module to create a Stereo Amplifier?' Answered

This is the only amplifier I had lying around and since it was a mono amplifier, it only accepts 2 inputs. By using two boards at the same time feeding the same signal wherein the LEFT channel and GND goes to the 1st board and the RIGHT channel and same GND to the second board will it work smoothly as a stereo amplifier creating a 120w Amplifier? ~(Also, I'm using only 1 power supply to power the two boards.)



1 year ago

2 inputs but one output? I don't know a lot about audio but is it possible that you have it in reverse?

This might help: https://www.instructables.com/id/TPA3118-Amplifier...

Also, I believe that using 2 speakers that play mono is just mono x2, where as stereo is a slightly different signal/sound for each speaker. Hope this helps somehow if this is correct.

Jack A LopezChloe_Lemaire

Reply 1 year ago

That picture looks OK to me, assuming that is the places on those boards where power, input, and output, go. I expect that would work.

I am guessing these boards were bought from somebody on eBay, and the only documentation that came with is, like, a picture with some labels drawn on it, found on the same eBay item page, selling the board.

If you want to know more about the IC (TPA3118) at the heart of this module, the manufacturer (TI) actually wrote a really nice data sheet for that, and you know, you can find that via places like,



Also guessing that there exists a stereo version of this board. That is a board that uses the same chip (TPA3118), but wired with two inputs, and outputs for two speakers.

It makes me wonder which is sold cheaper: the stereo version of this board, or two of the mono version?