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Can I connect a laptop to my TV and veiw TV shows from off websites? Will the resolution be good. Answered



Best Answer 10 years ago

Pretty much any HDTV can double as a pc monitor. My LCD has a VGA input, plus pc audio input. Also, if u have svideo on both the pc & the tv, u can use that. Resolution depends on the video card, the tv, & the source video file.


9 years ago

I am not sure about that But according to me you can not connect a laptop to tv.
But you can watch tv shows online


10 years ago

Most TVs don't have VGA input (I've never seen one, that is). So if all you have is VGA output, then this won't really be possible. Though it may be possible to build or buy a VGA to component adapter if your TV has this input. If your TV has an HDMI input and your laptop has either HDMI or DVI output, you can do this. Get an HDMI to DVI cable (should only cost you a few dollars), and the video is taken care of. Get an 1/8th inch phono to RCA splitter that will go from your headphone port to the input on your television, and audio should be taken care of.