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Can I connect a wireless adapter to a Blackberry phone (w/o wireless) so I can use internet from a wireless hot spot? Answered

I was gifted a Blackberry Curve 8330 and I noticed that it does not have wireless capability, but has Bluetooth. I don't have a cellphone provider and cannot afford one at the moment.  Is it possible to get a dongle -- the USB plug in for non wireless ready PCs -- so I can use the internet where wireless is available?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

realistically, no.

Probably can be done with insane-o soldering and electrical engineering skills, but really...no.

As for hooking it up as a bluetooth modem, generally thats outbound, to use the phone as a modem - but there shouldn't be a reason you can't pair it with a computer and get that transmitting some data - may require a reverse tethering app to proxy the computer's connection to the bluetooth.