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Can I connect an arduino lilypad to my gluvmax lights? Answered

I have gluvmax lights I use for light shows. They are in the fingers of my gloves. Can an Arduino Lilypad be connected to them to turn them all off, run through programed cycles, then turn them all back on? and can I add multiple buttons that, when pressed, they cycle the lilypad through different programs, that in turn make the lights do different things?

For example; turn them all off, then turn them on one at a time for 1 second each, then all back on. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

The arduino can 'speak' many serial/parallel digital protocols - if your gloves accept data input, it can probably be emulated with the arduino. The trick is figuring out exactly what language the gloves speak.

If they're just 'dumb' leds in the gloves that turn on and off, you'll need to build an interface to go between the two, other than that it should work.