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Can I drive a stepper motor with a dual H-bridge? Answered

I was looking at building a small desktop CNC after looking around i found this. Anyway instead of buying a expensive motor controller could I buy a dual H-bridge per stepper?

Also if anyone knows a cheeper alternative cnc controller could you please tell me about it in the comments.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

One good place to look at stepper info is in the link i gave you. If you have L297 and L298 IC in your area this is a good one to build. I have built this for my CNC and works great for me. You can run this with 2 inputs. Clock and direction so you can use your Sub D 25 port to control multiple Steppers.

There is more options for controllers but depends on where you are for what is available. These IC's are readily available for me here in the Philippines. But in your area i dunno.


Good luck


Answer 9 years ago

Hi, I was looking at the link and it looks like really good stuff, I actually was going to use the l298n anyway. I have not read the link yet but when i get more time i will, Thanks.