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Can I edit a step by step after it is published? Answered

I am in the middle of a project (making a soda tab purse). I am new to this forum and have not ever created a step by step. Can I publish the steps I have done so far then go back to edit it when I am done?



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can also leave it unpublished until you are finished to the point that you want to share it. The web site will save it in a special tab, called unpublished, so any work you do is saved.
As the author you have complete control over your work with the exception of publishing it. The site owners and moderators have censorship rights so if they feel an instructable is not fit to be on the site they can pull it. But you can change it in any way or even remove it if you change your mind. The same holds for the pictures, you can add and remove or cycle pictures as you like. .


8 years ago

Thanks for your responses!


8 years ago

Yes you can - Look to the right of your Instructable once it's published to where it says 'Author Options' and click 'Edit'.  Saying that, you should only really use that for 'fine tuning' or updates as what you first publish is what most people will see so the Instructable should be complete when you first publish it.