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Can I feed my red worms soybeans? Answered

My mom likes to make soybean milk (I hate it too). When she makes it there's that leftover guck that's in the machine (the machine catches it with a strainer). I believe the guck is soybean skin, I am wondering if my red worms in my worm composter can eat them. Please respond ASAP!



Best Answer 9 years ago

I don't specifically know about soybeans, but I doubt that feeding them a little of the soybean at a time would hurt them.  Feeding them alot of anything is not perfect though.  After all they live in dirt and eat whatever is in or falls on the ground.  I think the only way it would hurt them would be if it molded or fermented.


Answer 9 years ago

I have since found out that soy is safe for worms at least in small quantities.  Newspaper ink is soy based and it is safe to feed your worms newsprint.  At least two web sites say so, if you can believe them.