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Can I hardwire a wireless fm transmitter to a car radio aerial? Answered

What is the difference in the signal of a wireless FM transmitter and of a wired FM modulator (plugged into the aerial socket of a car audio head unit)? Is it simply one of signal strength?

I googled the antenna in my Griffin Itrip universal and soldered a simple 34" wire antenna onto it. This did improve the signal quality. However as soon as I drove around in the real world, interference came in, station and car engine electrics. This happens at all quiet areas of the radio spectrum.

So, could I fit a coax cable from the Griffin and hardwire it to the aerial socket of my car, probably a Y connection keeping the car aerial. And yes, I'm too cheap to buy a real wired FM Modulator (£70) or a new car head unit (£700).

Would this in any way 1) improve audio quality, 2) avoid interference, or 3) blow up the stereo.

My car is a Vectra (yes I'm that cheap), so the aerial is at the back or I would have tried simply wrapping the antenna around the aerial for a good old bodge.


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