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Can I import a Blogspot Blog to create an instructable? Answered

Can I import a BlogSpot Blog to create an instructable?

I am currently writing a blog on googles BlogSpot about how I added more memory to one of my Arduino projects and compressed G-Code to save the plots on the EEPROM.

I was thinking it may be a good instructable for those that write there own programs, and to entre it into the current Arduino contest.

I haven't finished it yet: My Blog

It's quite long so an import would be better than copying and pasting


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2 years ago

I had a quick read and have to say your project looks quite nice.
You put a lot of thought into a problem that could have been solved easy with a bigger arduino.
But impossible at the size you created.
Copy and paste might not work, same for an import.
However it should be fairly easy to just copy the text for steps and to add the pictures, shouldn't take too long.
And with all your good explanations I am almost certain an Instructable would draw some attention.