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Can I make 'Dart Tag' darts compatable with 'N-Strike' blasters? Answered

I will give best answer. I only want this so that I can play dart tag with my brother using normal blasters!
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lil larry
lil larry

9 years ago

Yes. Have you looked in any of the instructables on this site. There's plenty of instructables on that. All you do is that you cut the tip off, but leaving the root (if you take thios out it should look like a mushroom) and then you cut out a square of thje velcro and glue it on the tip of the dart. When you fire it, it'll go 10 feet without pulling the handle back and then pulling the dart inside the access door and then closing it and pushing the handle forward and firing it. With that, it should go just about the same distance as the streamline.