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Can I make an amplifier from my old CD/DVD receiver?The thing works ,but has some problems with the dvd part? Answered

The model is LG LH-T6245 .As I said it works but sometimes the player says NO DISC even tho there is a cd in it...
Here's the picture. Tell me if you need more pictures.
PS:I think the amp is in the up-right corner,but i don't know where to connect the input.


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6 years ago

Thank you All for the quick answers,especially you Joe for the long and precise replay.
First thing i want to clear up is this:
-The laser is clean because sometimes it can play the CD but when i manually open and close the CD case (By turning the gears with a small wire)

Then it spins the cd for just a moment and one of the two things can happen,either it stops and says NO DISC ,or it starts spinning again and reads the CD,and starts playing.

The other thing is that when it says NO DISC it doesn't want to play the radio or the AUX (And Joe, yes it has AUX) ,it is just quiet.But when it reads the CD and I switch to the radio ,then it works.

There is also another problem,when it is playing the radio and the CD starts slowing down ,it can sometimes also mute the radio ... but when it complitly stops it starts playing the radio..

I was thinking it is some kind of processor error or something.

I took it apart and took the heat sinks off,and the amps don't look fried.

tommorow I will post new pictures showing you all.

The amps are STA515 and i looked at the shematics and think i know how to hook up the new inputs ,but I'm not so sure.

Again, Thank you all.


Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

6 years ago

The brown circuit board is your power supply.

You can't just take out the CD/DVD player and add an input, the unit will need the diagnostics bypassed.

Bypassing the diagnostics requires replacing or reprograming the PIC ICs.

The green circuit board is your amplifier, your video output, and your CD/DVD controller.

The control circuit board on the front of the unit, (Not Shown in Picks), is needed to run the AMP if you can separate the units.

The question is can you separate the two, if you know how to reverse engineer then yes.

See my Instructable Reverse Engineering:


The power amp is behind the big heat sync.

If not try cleaning the whole thing including the laser would be your best bet.

A pic of the back of the unit would have been helpful, just in case there is an auxiliary input. Then you could just use the AUX input.

I reuse the power supplies from these all the time, faster and easier then building a new one for every job as long as they will handle the load.

Reusing the power supply can be easy if it is on all the time just add a switch to the power cord. That one looks like it is a split power supply, it may only have one side on all the time. The one side that is on all the time controls the on off switching of the other, powers the clock, and powers the circuit board not shown in picks.



6 years ago

You'll need to pull those heat syncs and look up the data sheets for the chips there. Then you'll know where the op amp is and can figure out where the audio inputs into the amp.