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Can I make helicopter with cd rom brushless motor and is there is any cheap brushless motor driver IC?? Answered

I was trying to do a helicopter. When I search internet about that all I found was done by using brushless motor with a module  that costs really high, to me , as I'm a student. So I decided to use brushless motor of my CDROM. Can anyone help to make a helicopter by using this motor. And also I need to know about a Cheap Driver IC or something that acts as a control cirucuit for that brushless.


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8 years ago

The way to drive brushless motors is with three out of phase signals, and the frequency of these pulses has to start off low and increase as the motor speeds up, otherwise the motor will stall.
In RC-speak, the brushless motor controller is called an ESC (electronic speed controller) and takes a variable pulse-width signal (the same as a servo) from the receiver, and turns this into the three-phase drive for the motor coils.

However, you're really on to a non-starter with a CDROM motor as it will be hopelessly underpowered to drive a helicopter rotor of any size.  Something more like THIS is what you'd need.

Also, bear in mind that helicopters are tricky to design as you need to stop the body spinning in the opposite direction to the rotor.  A tail rotor is usually used  to do this.

it may be better to start with a fixed-wing aircraft to get more experience of getting something to fly before moving on to helicopters.


Answer 8 years ago

There's a good Instructable HERE which gives you a bit more information on the main components of an RC helicopter.