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Can I mix a Luminol solution for detection of biological materials with a dilution of drug store hydrogen peroxide? Answered

Here's my situation:

I've obtained some powdered Luminol, and would like to experiment with it a-la-CSI.

I know Potassium Ferricyanide is the suspension of choice, but I've also read that 4% Hydrogen Peroxide works.

If I were to achieve the 4% with First-Aid grade peroxide and distilled water, would that work?  And is a Hydroxide Salt necessary to the chemiluminescent effect of the detection of biological materials?

Is it just a simple "add powder to liquid" mix, or are there more steps?

Also, would anybody know where to get - or how to make - Potassium Ferricyanide safely and inexpensively?




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10 years ago

Potassium Ferricyanide is only really toxic when heated to high temperatures.

It's used for many arts purposes.

I've found some for approx. $5 (link at bottom) - I was just wondering if anybody with any experience with Luninol could point me in the right direction.




10 years ago

I don't know the answer and could only google which you can do for yourself

BUT I guess the cyanide bit should tell you there isn't a truly safe way to make/use such chemicals.Think - how will you dispose of a highly toxic product when your done?