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Can I mod the shoulder buttons on a PS3/PS4 Answered

I lost a good portion of my left hands fingers in a workshop accident 3 months ago. I just recently picked up my controller and tried to play. I have one inch left on my index finger and 1 1/2"  left on my middle finger...those L1/L2 shoulder buttons are a PITA to reach. Can I somehow mod my controller to move the buttons counterclockwise so they are more on the left side of the controller near the D-Pad?

For the PS3 I can probably buy a USB mod stick and use the XBox One controller but the PS4 has the touch area smack dab in the middle of the controller.

I have a bunch of spare parts/controllers for the PS3 / PS4 that I bought...in case I needed to mod my buttons.

Any ideas?


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