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Can I mount a fridge from the ceiling? Answered

My parents are moving into a home about a fourth of the size they live in now, since the kids are at college. The kitchen is a sad affair and needs to be torn apart. Even with a fair amount of work, the kitchen will be under 120 square feet. A standard fridge cuts the usable space down drastically and stick out into walking ad working areas.  Under cabinet fridges are being considered, but the below counter cabinet space is limited enough as it it, at best around, 200" linear of 32" deep counter and 90" of 24" deep counter. 
The idea hit me when I was searching for fridges that fit under counters when I saw commercial display fridges, and mistook them for ceiling units. 
So, is there any way to hang a small fridge from the ceiling? What kind of joists/beams would be needed to keep it from crashing down? Or is this a crazy pipe dream?? Are they just too heavy with all the copper coils and insulation?



Best Answer 8 years ago

You certainly could suspend the refrigerator from the ceiling by using 3/8" threaded rod (all thread) on each corner of the unit. The rod could be attached to the ceiling joists via a piece of unistrut. Use lag bolts to attach the strut to the ceiling spanning at least 2-3 joists to spread the load. Run the 4 rods to each corner of a shelf by drilling 3/8' holes in the wood and using fender washers and hex nuts. Now, that being described, how high will you mount the fridge? Remember those top cabinet shelves that no one can reach without a step stool. That might not be too handy. You might be better off putting the fridge on top of the counter and foregoing the suspended application. Or, you might just get a small, apartment sized unit instead of a full sized refrigerator.


Answer 8 years ago

I figured the actual refrigeration unit would be placed on the top with a steel or wood frame around it which would drop it by at least 2 or 3 feet. Commercial units have the cooling unit separated. I think I will have to file this under "crazy pipe-dream" for now.

Thanks all!


8 years ago

You probably can, no one said it was a good idea though...


8 years ago

The fridge itself probably isn't so heavy but when you add all the stuff then it gets up there fast.
The best thing would be to not so much hang it but rather to have a floating shelf that it sits on. For that you will need to find the ceiling rafters and determine if they can support the additional weight. If they can then you can use something like threaded steal rods to support steal cross pieces and a thin shelf/floor.
So all that is doable except for the part of How do you get into it to get anything once its hanging up in the air?