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Can I network my desktop computer with my laptop and share internet from a USB Aircard? Answered

I have a desktop computer that is running XP and a laptop running Vista, I purchased a wireless card for the desktop and a wireless router, both are Linksys N capable, a wireless printer, and internet is provided thru a USB Aircard. What is the best way to network these devices where I can use the printer and the internet on both computers? I know a little, but am still very new to networking. Is it even possible with a USB aircard?



10 years ago

it is. plug the aircard into the laptop. go in to network connections, bridge the connections, and tell it to share the internet connection. Or if you bought your aircard through verizon, they have a new device that is a small wifi router, combined with the 3g connection. then you would be able to connect wherever, with both computers.