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Can I post this? Answered


I am a beginner and I created an account a couple of days before, there are few basic things I would like to know.
Kindly bear with me if they feel silly, please guide.

I would like to know :

Can I post a link in my instructable for the readers which could
direct them to popular website like Wikipedia or GitHub (One of the Largest Open
Source Community) or someone's personal blogspot for gaining more information on a topic?

Can I post a link for download of a free software  for readers related
to the project I made instructable on? for example a free software to help readers calculate LED resistance?

I would highly appreciate guidance, suggestions.



Malik Kanoje

2 years ago

Thanks everyone for answering my question, the links and the software I am intending to post are open source and free. I am not going to generate any kind of revenue from them. My intention is solely to benefit readers so that they might be able to build the project with ease and confidence.


2 years ago

As long as the source is free, like Wiki there is no problem.
Same for other websites as long as there is no advertising or commercial intent.
Sometimes it it is easier to link to a website giving some details that are required instead of re-writing it all, especially if the owner of the site does not mind or it is free.


Reply 2 years ago

Amazon affiliates? Etsy?

These aren't supposed to be posted in I'bles, but they are. What about YouTube videos? I can earn money through them...


Reply 2 years ago

Linking to resources such as GitHub, Wikipedia and other third parties is perfectly acceptable, especially when those resources are free or open source. I do this often when quoting / crediting external sources.

The waters get a little muddier when it comes to monetization (i.e. affiliate linking, paid third party services and advertising external services for financial gain). I'm not sure what the official Instructables stance is on this but I know it irks me to see people advertising Etsy shops or posting affiliate links. Affiliate links would be more acceptable to me if it is clearly noted that they are affiliated.

When I post Ibles that require specific parts or items to be purchased I will often post suggestions with links for where to buy, but I am never affiliated with them.

As for YouTube, I guess this is a little trickier as it's the natural choice for embedding videos. But in order to comply with regional/national laws (as well as Google/YouTube's own policies) you are sometimes required to make it clear when advertising, data collection or monetization is taking place.

As I said I'm not sure what the official Instructables stance is, but I don't post any affiliated links or monetize any of my embedded videos as a matter of principle.


Reply 2 years ago

You aren't allowed to post links for financial gain. However, every other I'ble has affiliate links, so I guess it isn't that big of a deal for Instructables.

Also, if these links help someone fund his projects, he will post more Instructables. More I'bles = better for Instructables!

In my opinion, it wouldn't be smart to unpublish an I'ble that has affiliate links.

With that said... Amazon isn't available in my country, but if I'd buy on Amazon, I probably would put affiliate links, AND let everyone know that these aren't a regular link.

Caitlinsdad posted a forum topic about this a few years ago. I thought of posting a forum topic as a reply to that, but... I'd prefer to use that time to post an Instructable!