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Can I power a raspberry zero + arduino with a powerbank? Answered

Hello everyone,
I want to make some kind of driving computer, but I don't know how to fix the power.
I have a 16000mah powerbank that has a 1A and a 2A power output with 5v.
And I want to power the following:
Raspberry Pi zero
Internet dongle
Arduino Motor Shield
4 motors(DC 3-6v each)
2 servos
1 webcam (optional)

I really hope someone can tell me if this is possible.
The reason I don't want to use normal battery's is because I want a solution that is easy to recharge.


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4 years ago

The nice thing about powerbanks is they will only output what your device is asking for. so if the arduino only wants 1 amp it will only give it one amp. the issue with that is do the things your powering know how to ask for it. you are not going to hurt anything by plugging it in and seeing because the powerbank should have a controller chip to protect devices being plugged into it. 5v is definitely safe to use on an arduino. now i cant tell you if that is enough power for everything because i dont have all the data sheets to do the math. if it cannot get enough amps and needs more it may not function if it has enough but is using a lot of power that 16000mah may not last long, but i would guess with what you have listed the only limiting factor would be if your 2A is enough for everything and if it can ask for it from the powerbank.