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Can I power an Arduino to control a relay to control a load with 1 source like this? Answered

I'm no sure if I can do this or not, I base the schematic of this article http://www.electroschematics.com/8975/arduino-control-relay/

Because I want to use only 1 source to control the whole thing, can I power everything like this? My source can provide 2A, my load uses 100mA

If it's possible, is there any changes that I need to make?



Best Answer 2 years ago

Should be no problem, but why the buck converter?


Answer 2 years ago

Well tbh, I can't find the maximum voltage that the regulator on my Arduino nano pro can handle when connected to the RAW pin.

Anddddd, I just realized that the regulator has "L05" on it, google it and it show that it can handle 35V, so I'll remove the buck converter then