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Can I put my hard disk directly onto my network without sharing it trough a pc? Answered

Is there a way to put an external hard disk directly on my network? My HD only has a usb port so... can I cut off a piece of usb and ethernet cable, and fix the ethernet cable to the usb and just plug it into my router? I know there are special routers and stuff for it but I just don't want to spend money on a new one :p the one I have right now costed me 200 euros those days and I'm not yet ready to dump that one :) Thank you :)



Best Answer 10 years ago

Get a NAS enclosure from eBay.....crack open your ext. hard drive casing and install actual HD into the NAS enclosure. The enclosure has all the protocols needed for talking to the router. ("NAS" = Network Attached Storage)

Enclosures aren't that expensive. Hope this helps.


Answer 10 years ago

Sweet! I didn't realize you could do that. I love when I'm wrong in a good way :)


10 years ago

Solarflare is right - use a NAS box. There are plenty, as well some routers can be modded to have a usb host, in which you can plug your own usb devices... (probably not good idea on your expensive router) get a nat box, they're cheap and awesome. Be advised speeds CAN leave some to be desired (in the 1-50mbit range) dealextreme.com has some neat sata nas boxes (like your enclosure, but remove the usb layer)


10 years ago

Not to the best of my knowledge...no.