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Can I "upgrade" my Nikko Electric R/C Hummer H2 with a couple of 9 volt batteries without blowing anything? Answered

I have seen a Mod of an Airsoft pistol from Wal-mart that pretty much applied three 9 volt batteries, and it was able to shoot farther and faster and I was wondering if it can be applied to a Nikko Electric R/C Truck the same way. It currently runs on a 9.6 Volt Battery. And I would like to see if there are any precautions or additions I should look into before applying a few 9 volt batteries. Just so I don't blow any circuit boards or anything else. Because like many Americans... we just want everything to go faster. Thank you



10 years ago

Yeah, you could use a high-voltage transistor on the motor. When it detects current from the circuit board to make the motor run, it adds additional voltage from the extra batteries to make the motor run faster, without coming into contact with the circuit board at all.