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Can I replace an rc ESC with a potentiometer? Answered

I want to use an RC motor for something wired instead of wireless and I was wondering if I could replace the ESC that needed a reciever with a potentiometer hooked right up to a battery. If so, where could I get a potentiometer big enough to let the high current through? Im planning on doing this with a 7.2V 540 size brushed motor.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

No, a potentiometer won't take the current the motor needs which will be in the order of several amps.  It would also be extremely inefficient.
You could make a variable high-power constant current or voltage source to drive it, but a simpler way might to be to use an ESC and a 555 circuit such as THIS one to simulate the input from and R/C receiver and give you the full control and protection of the ESC circuit.  You could also do this with a microcontroller output into the ESC.