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Can I replace/modify the Vado HD's internal mic? Answered

I just got a new pocket camcorder; the Vado HD. It's the second generation, which means it has no input jack for an external mic. Could I pop the camcorder open, remove the internal mic and solder on an audio input jack in its place? would there be consequences?



7 years ago

I've recently modified my Vado HD (2nd gen) to have no IR cut-off filter, thus giving me more visibility through out the night time when it utilize IR LED's. Opening your Vado HD will probably "void the warranty", but hey sometimes you want to do what you have to do. Just be careful when disconnecting and re-soldering the mic. Mic's are different from audio input. So it will not work as you might expect. Best thing would be to solder one of the female audio jacks just to give you sort of connection when using different kind of mic's with 3.5in male plug. Also be aware that mic needs power to. So the bigger the microphone is, more power it will pull, leaving you with battery that dies soon. Just to make clear mic and audio input are two different things. Hope this helps.