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Can I send A Signal from my PC to my HD TV Wirelessly? Answered

I wanna connect My PC to my Sharp Aqous 52", But I do NOT want any lag or anything. Like a Wireless DVI? (1080p would be awesome)



9 years ago

Best Buy sells a kit to do this but is pricey, maybe 500 or so


10 years ago

There are several standards to broadcast HD video short distances, but I don't see many products out there to do this easily. If you search for wireless HDMI or WHDI, you can find some information. If you just want to watch movies in HD from your PC, you can make a smaller media center PC that will also act as a file server. This solves the lack of WHDI products in the marketplace, but if you want to play games or something on your TV, you're out of luck.