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Can I set up an array of LEDs to display a simple game like pong, tetris, or space invaders? Answered

I'd like to solder together a grid of LED's, and use it to display a video game like tetris or pong. I figure the code can be easily had for the games, or I could disassemble a cheap pocket version from the toy aisle and repurpose the pixel output and controls. I think it would be interesting to hang on a wall, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing it.



Best Answer 9 years ago

You sure can solder them together yourself.

But the question is how large did you want it? I regularly use an array of 8x8 LED's to make games just as you're suggesting. check out sure electronics (either on ebay or their website) they have some really cheap pre-made matrix displays and are quite cheap (approx $8 for 10 of them)

If you wanted to solder them yourself then I'd recommend going to your local hardware store and buying a sheet of 3mm MDF wood (which is very cheap) then you would mark out your LED spacings and drill holes to fit the LEDs in.

I have gone with this approach with an 10x8 RGB display which you can check out here:

As for the games (and the pre-made matrix's) here are a few that I have come up with:

This one is Super Mario Bros (using an RGB matrix)

This next one is Space Invaders (using an RG matrix)

Sorry for the long reply, But if you wanted a little more info you can check out my electronics site at www.bradsprojects.com. Hope this helps!