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Can I solder a wifi antenna to these points on my receiver? Answered


I have an antenna (see picture 1). Is this antenna appropriate for using as a WiFi extender?

And how should I solder the wires from the antenna's to the print board? (picture 0)



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes that is a wifi antenna. You do not actually need to solder at all. The antenna you have is connected to a coaxial cable by a sma connector. The little brass squares with a circle is u.fl connector. This is used mainly for laptop internal cards. You just need a pigtail from u.fl to sma. Since there are two that means the device has a main and a secondary. The connector and surface antenna next the 1 on the top right is your primary. You get away with just a antenna on the primary but you will better results with antennas on both.

Hope this helps You.