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Can I take a ATT Razor and adapt it to use on straight talk (Walmart Brand)? Answered

I have a ATT razor phone and a broker straight talk samsung phone can you help me put it together.

What can I do with this working phone.



8 years ago

call up att and tell them to unlock your phone, then you have to buy a $25 kit to transfer the phone to walmart service.

Saw it at walmart store.


8 years ago

Nope. AT&T and pretty much any other service provider locks their phones down so that they can only be used with their service. Rather than buying a phone from your service provider, you should buy it directly from the manufacturer. (Make sure it's not brand specific), and then just get a sim card from your service provider. That way, when you switch providers, you can just swap the sim card out. :)

(I'm sure that there might be a way of removing the block, but I have no clue on how to do it... and it probably isn't worth the hassle.)