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Can I turn a Hover mower into a Dog Poo vacuum sucker upper ? Answered

I have an old but working hover mower (Flymo).

How could i turn this into a vaccum device to suck up dog poo in my garden ?

This isnt the model I have, but it works in the same way.    

I can get my hands on plastic pipe duct tape etc, and obviously it would work from mains power.



4 years ago

The easiest ways are:
a) Get your dog on proper walks instead of locking in the garden.
b) Picking up the poo in time.
c) Pay a friendly kid in the neighbourhood to walk your dog.

There are litter scoops like used for horses, just smaller, plastic bags, gloves and so on, but I have never seen anyone trying to clean up poo with a mover.
Please do try and record the video for us - might even become a Youtube hit....


4 years ago

Do you know what happens when s*** hits the fan?

The reason it is able to float like a hovercraft is that the blade generates a continuous blast of air pushed out the bottom. If you need to reverse blades to generate a vacuum, the weight of the mower would keep it grounded and it has no wheels to move. Depending on how much dog waste there is, you might be better off with a long arm pooper scooper which grabs it and contains it all in a bag.