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Can I turn a Laser.LED Keychain Light to where it can (light stuff on fire) transfer heat? Answered

Can I turn a Laser.LED Keychain Light to where it can (light stuff on fire) transfer heat?



10 years ago

I've seen a green laser being changed into a burning laser...

this works by sending more power to the laser diode than it is designed to recieve... like overclocking a computer...
it will work, but will burn out the diode if not properly cooled...

the video uses a green laser, red will work if you send enough power through it, but green is a higher energy wavelength... easier to overclock if you will...


Answer 10 years ago

sort off. red lasers are like red LEDs in that the diode itself produces red light. green lasers on the other hand, are a bit more complicated. they start off with an IR laser diode @ 808nm wavelength. it is then passed through a crystal which causes it to lase at 1064nm which is UV i believe? that light is then fed into a frequency doubler crystal which will then leave as 532nm green light. you may notice under the end of a green laser there is a small square of green glass/plastic. IMPORTANT. its a filter, As there is quite abit of IR that gets though still they put a green filter at the end to block it and let the green light through. as you cant see IR light your eyes can be damaged as your iris doesnt react to it. This method is much cheaper then producing actual green diodes but is alot less efficient so higher power IR diodes (maybe 100mw or more) are needed to produce your average 10mw green laser this is why green lasers can be made to burn things as the diode is much higher powered to start with. make sure its kept cold with a big heatsink and i would also recommend wearing green goggles if your playing with lasers without the filter on them, or atleast be very careful. having spots burnt into your retina is not fun