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Can I tweak, jimmy, hack or reconfigure my Echo Indigo sound card to sound better than it does now? Answered

but I don't know if I'm getting to use all of it's potential. Is there any way to reconfigure, hack, or tweak this thing for my laptop? I mean I thought, from all the good reviews I read, that I'd have the epitome of good, strong bassy sound, but the sound I get is actually weaker than the DFX plugin I installed months after, at one quarter of the price! How do I use all this card's features to their fullest extent? I mean, I listen to a lot of Lounge, downtempo and drum/bass on an XP, so maybe I'm expecting too much, from this laptop card, I don't know. So, please if there's a way to use this thing to full capacity, either by adjusting something on the card or my laptop, let me know! Thanks, Carlton


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12 years ago

. Are the cards rated for the same power output (watts)? As a rule of thumb, louder (more power) sounds better to our ears. . Make sure you have the proper, up-to-date driver(s).