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Can I use Tin can metal to make my HHO generator? Answered

I heard it might corrode but I wonder how fast it would do?


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 1 year ago

Assuming you are supplying your cell with direct current (DC), the anode, the positive electrode, will corrode. The cathode will stay whole and uncorroded.

Actually there is a mnemonic for this:

The (a)node is (a)ttacked. The (c)athode (c)ollects.

By the material the cathode is collecting is a layer of plated metal, or maybe just a layer of hydrogen bubbles.

In response to the question of, how fast will the anode corrosion happen, well it is hard to tell.

There are a couple of reactions competing with one another, at the anode.

Metal losing electrons, e.g.:

Fe(s) = Fe+2(aq) + 2 e-

Hydroxide ions oxidized to water and oxygen gas:

2 OH-(aq) = H2O + 0.5 O2(g) + 2e-

By the way, the pH of the electrolyte is a factor. If the solution is alkaline; i.e. high pH; i.e. high concentration of OH- ions, that will, I think, help make the second reaction, the one that consumes OH- ions and makes O2 gas, more favorable than the other.

I mean, that's my guess. That the corrosion of your anode will happen more slowly at high pH (alkaline), and more quickly at low pH (acidic).

By the way, steel cans are cheap. The best way to answer your question is probably to just build your cell, and find out.

Jack A LopezAndreP1

Answer 1 year ago

I am glad I could help somewhat. Thanks for the BA!