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Can I use a LCD controller to control a mobile display? Answered

I wish to build a small 1080p monitor, and the smallest regular LCD display I could find was around 10" and not HD, so I've been looking at mobile displays. I don't know much on the subject, but I am willing to learn and work to get what I want. 

A mobile display that suits my needs is the HTC One display, it has a resolution of 1920x1080 and is not OLED (I may wish to replace the backlighting). It is available on spare part sites, and on eBay (though with the touchscreen digitizer included):



Would I be able to control this display with a regular LCD controller, such as this one?


With full HDMI/DVI and function support? Maybe I'm mistaken, but as long as the voltages match... Right? Unfortunately, the display description on these websites is completely lacking in details, so it's been difficult to get any tech specs. I've been googling this a lot, but with few results. It seems a problem could be the interface: there aren't enough pins on the HTC One display (of course, it doesn't HAVE to be this particular display, it just has to be small, cheap and HD). I managed to find something about MIPI interfaces, could this be a problem if it's proprietary? Are there adapters?

And would I need an inverter if this setup even works?

Thank you in advance.



1 year ago

Hi , I want to build a projector using one
of my Mobile display which is 5.5 inch redmi note 4 . Can I use any LCDcontroller to connect with this IPS lcd screen to get picture on the screen..I'm not aware about the pin type of redmi Mobile screen.. I don't want to use Raspberry pi which is not having usb facility. Please help me to find a good solution.. Pls suggest me a controller for redmi note 4 screen 5.5 inch...

Shadetree Engineer

5 years ago

It's a great question. The LCD driver you linked is using an LVDS interface which is ok for large LCD's, but when the DIY crowd looks for a LCD screen that is small enough to be considered hand-held capable, I think the LVDS interface becomes a dead end route with few or no options. The MIPI DSI interface is what I think the mobile-device industry is using to allow screen changes on the assembly line with only a software update. For example, I would really appreciate it if anyone here can drop a link on this thread for a stand-alone module that will drive a Panasonic Lumix display for any of those camera models & take a common video input such as composite, DVI, VGA or my favorite - HDMI.

Or maybe it's the MIPI DPI specification. 'Display Pixel Interface' defines the connection between a driver and the screen itself.


5 years ago

Well as long as the voltages match and you can figure out what pin on the screen does what so you can match it to the controller correctly then it should work.

You will be better off if you can get the controller board made for whatever display you choose.


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks. Honestly, my project is hampered by the lack of availability of tech specs for such components. Do you know where I could get detailed technical specifications for the display? Worst case scenario, I design my own LCD controller, but that increases the complexity of the project tenfold.