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Can I use a nightlight's light sensor for a bigger project? Answered

I'd like to build a simple (if that's possible) light in my front hall that will turn ON when I open my front door, and stay on for 15 seconds (I want it to turn off by itself so I don't have to walk back through my apartment to turn it off manually). I thought about using the light sensor from a nightlight because every time I open my front door light pours in from the main hallway; I thought it would be cheaper than a motion detector. Can anyone help with the sensor ,or with the timing



10 years ago

you can use the sensor, but remember that the switching circuitry is only meant for a very low wattage bulb, so it would have to be modified fro the desired load.


Answer 10 years ago

yeah, that's what I meant, although modding the entire plugin to directly power an (~mA in...50 @ 6W bulb) AC input relay from the terminals that feed the bulb socket isn't a bad idea at all...much simpler than what I had in mind. Crydom amongst others mkaes some nice AC input SSRs that will run from low current 120 VAC (and likely 240 as well)